Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome to GreatFantasyEbooks!

It can be hard to know where to find books you love, especially when you want them to be ebook compatible. Most websites we've seen seem to focus on cheap books, and while cheap certainly isn't bad, the presumption is that people will drop $$$ on any old book just because it costs only a few dollars. It seems likely that people are a little more discerning than that. When people go looking for new books, they've already got an idea of what they want in mind. How it feels and what it does. And if you're anything like us, you like tales that stretch the imagination, delve into worlds unknown, and excite our senses of what's possible in the universe. Hopefully that's why you've found us here at GreatFantasyEbooks.blogspot.com.

Who are we? We're a collective of readers and writers whose tastes savor epic fantasy, dabble in sci-fi, and relish adventure. It's highly likely that we'll be touching on fantasy books that also lean into horror, dystopian, urban fantasy, young-adult, paranormal, and suspense. We'll also be bouncing back and forth between traditionally published and indie books. These are books that we're giving our seal of approval to because we're highly familiar with them, not just books we happened to dredge out of the chamber pot. So what do you say we kick things off with our first book?

Let's start with George R. R. Martin's incredible masterpiece Game of Thrones, which just began airing on HBO and as a result has shot up to #6 on Amazon's Kindle Store at the time of this posting. I can't say I'm surprised at the sudden attention the book is getting. The episode was an impressive display of how gritty fantasy can be, doubtlessly compelling people by the boatload to finally pick it up as soon as the show ended.

If you haven't read this before, you've got more of a reason than ever and probably more company than ever. This is the book that everyone's going to be reading for the next couple months.


  1. Great idea for a new blog -- and Game of Thrones is the ideal book with which to kick it off. I loved it, and I'm loving the HBO series so far.

  2. What a great book, and hopefully series! Glad to see this site exists. :)

  3. I'm glad I found this blog. Looking forward to more reviews, too.